A failure to plan is a plan to fail

Hiring a Public Safety Commissioner to micromanage what the Chief of Police, Fire, our Captains, and City Manager (in most municipalities it’s the elected Supervisor or Mayor who works directly with top brass) would not save overtime.

• Firing first responders will increase over time.

• Not addressing the blights and harsh living conditions for our neighbors, Mayor Harvey’s constituents will increase over time.

• Not having a plan to attract and sustain a younger, diverse, first responding workforce will continue to increase over time.

• With no transparent plans to generate revenue to support our tax base, it will continue to increase over time.

• “Trimming the fat”, in every department for our 2020 proposed budget, since Summer 2019 started, would have been a great way to not introduce another massive hike increase.

Police officers are already attempting to transfer. Firefighters are being harassed and threatened. There is no plan of action from our administration, accountability, or transparency. This current Mayoral administration has had the unique opportunity to work with our youth, to be elected and participate in government, and still, I see no changes. When I look at our current council, I see negligent faces. “A failure to plan is a plan to fail”

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