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CITY OF NEWBURGH — As a former City Councilmember, I’ve voted no when needed. I’m proud of my environmentally conscious and humanitarian driven voting record. The bottom line in regard to the proposed Danskammer Power Plant is this: There’s no need to continue poisoning us — our  community, our constituents, our neighbors — with fossil fuel emissions. If we have the options and opportunity to utilize a cleaner and more efficient form of energy, we ought to. If we care about the future of our city and the next seven generations, the answer toDanskammer is NO.

I’m proud of my former hometown, Beacon, NY, and Mayor Randy Casale, for making a statement opposing Danskammer. They joined 7 other Lower Hudson Valley municipalities, including Yonkers, to pass resolutions opposing the project. Our neighbors believe this would be a step backward in the marathon against climate change.

I’m over the City of Newburgh Mayor Torrance Harvey’s lackluster approach to public service. Quick to pass the buck or kick the proverbial can down the road, he’s quoted, “We are going to “meet those deadlines” and pursue those things. We are going to reach out to those “environmental agencies” to make sure our environment is clean and safe “from these toxins.

I have a few simple questions that we, the concerned citizens of Newburgh, NY want to be answered in the name of god government, transparency, and accountability:

1. When are the deadlines and are we on track to meet them?
2. What other environmental agencies have you worked with and where are you in your
efforts to “reach out to them”?
3. As Mayor and City Manager, how has your administration “made sure our environment
is clean and safe from those toxins”, in case the project is approved?
4. What are those toxins?

Mayor Harvey’s refusal to make a decision is a failure to lead. Regardless of a toothless charter that enables the City Manager to manage the city however they see fit. Our neighbors, friends, and family deserve public servants willing to lead and listen to the people. We ought to have a government that works for the people. The citizens of the City of Newburgh, the people, oppose Danskammer. It's time our City Council acts accordingly.

Contact: Campaign Manager David S. Quill +1 (845) 625-3352
Attn: Press

Ali T Muhammad, a Newburgh resident works within the Hudson Valley advocating for community development through civic engagement and volunteering. Muhammad is a lifelong Democrat running for Mayor of Newburgh endorsed by the Orange County Independence Party (Line G). For more information about him and his campaign, visit

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