4th consecutive year of Inner City Newburgh Cleanups

This Spring and Summer, we will actively be cleaning the inner city streets of Newburgh, New York. Yes, we're back at it! Each month we will begin on a different street. We started with Chamber Street, last Saturday, May 4th. The fourth was indeed with us! Our plan is to conduct continuous spot checks throughout the month. We envision that we can improve our environment through our own sweat equity. Together we can be the change that we wish to see in our society. Our next official cleanup is scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd, from 10 am - 1 pm, starting on the corners of Broadway and Landers Street. Please join us!  


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"Dress For Success" a BIG hit for the people of Newburgh

“To evolve we must be involved." April's "Last Saturday" was truly moving. Our first Dress for Success (Community Support Initiative) was a true blessing! It was cold, windy, and prolific. As we continue to provide this grassroots-led community service, you're more than welcome to donate clothing or participate by volunteering for our next drive. We will return to the same location on the corner of Liberty Street and Broadway. Humans need support. #NewburghNY #ServeDifferent #OnPurpose #UnityintheCommunity #TheGiveBack ♻️ 💚



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Mayor Harvey Lacks Vision for 2020 Census

It’s true, our community deserves to have a census office located in the City of Newburgh. Yes, the census bureau needs to hire local folks from our City. We ought to have elected officials that have the foresight to avoid the pitfalls of yesterday. Only 57% of our cities population participated in the census 10 years ago, which provides evidence to the disconnect and disenfranchisement that all of our taxpayers feel here. 


Mayor Harvey’s weak leadership and tools of divisiveness have perpetuated these issues. Being that the census occurs every 10 years... I am left with a few questions for our Mayor:

1. Why are we only now drawing attention and noisily trying to get an office here? 

2. Why hasn’t this been on the forefront of our cities agenda over the past 4 years since Mayor Harvey was elected to City Council?                                    

3. What is Mayor Harvey’s plan to implement the procurement of a census office? 

4. What is Mayor Harvey’s plan to ensure appropriate preparation and retention skills are provided for our neighbors to become qualified to be hired? 


“Mayor Torrance Harvey, meanwhile, said census takers should be chosen from among the community because people are afraid to provide personal information. "That some way, somehow, that’s going to backfire on that family whether it is because they receive social services, because they are impoverished, whatever,” Harvey said. “There may be people who may have a criminal record. The point is, the people in the black community don’t trust the government.” This coming from the same government official who knocked off his own constituents signatures. 


Our neighbors, regardless of their race, sex, religion, political affiliation, or tax bracket, are displeased with our government and lack of efficient services. We long for public servants who understand our issues and act on them accordingly, not for political gains or speculation. “Attitude reflects leadership”. 


City of Newburgh voter suppression

To be clear, the voter suppression issues that I have, are with the objector of my 2019 Democratic Nominating petitions, Special Election Mayor, Torrance R. Harvey, and the NYS Election law which allows for objections to be made to candidates for public office nominating petitions. They will not defer our dreams. Kudos to the Board of Elections Commissioners and staff that do not have enough time or the appropriate tools to properly vet the often politically motivated objections. This law is meant to protect Democracy, our election process from fraud. Instead it’s used as a “politricks” by party establishments and in this case, fear of an opponent. Unfortunately, our neighbors who sign, are the ones hurt the most by this law and abuse of it. 


As of April 15th, 2019, I was a Democratic candidate for the position of Mayor, for the City of Newburgh. As of April 18th, 2019 (I received confirmation April 19th and mail notification April 22nd), I was taken off of the June 25th, Democratic Primary Ballot. Out of our 341 signatures accepted, 117 objections were sustained by OC BOE, leaving us with 224 signatures. Out of the 117 objections sustained, we believe that 51 of the signers could have been brought back in court. Due to past precedents, Gay Lee vs OC BOE 2018 (residency), and Ali Muhammad vs DC BOE 2017 (printed signatures), and the acknowledgment that they are Democrats who printed, or they are an unidentifiable person or address, which all could be rectified with the collection of signed and notarized affidavits.


Mayor Harvey has used a tool of our oppressors to hold our campaign down. And still, we rise! We have recourse, although we were limited on time and are low on resources, our team has decided to accept the Orange County Board of Elections rulings and continue to campaign for our Mayoral election this fall! There will be a face-off between myself and Mayor Harvey in November. I have his paperwork if anyone wants to see how and who he knocked off the ballot, your neighbors, his constituents. 


I’m genuinely grateful to have this amazing opportunity to be able to run for Mayor and present my vision of a healed Newburgh. To the 341 people that signed my petition, to my friends and neighbors who have helped me behind the scenes, to my family and loved ones who have continuously supported me 100% from the gate, 9 years and counting, this has been a year of many firsts (already)! This was the first time I turned down a signature because the woman was going to reluctantly sign (politicians only come around when they need something) but I wanted her to know that I’m a public servant, it’s less about her signature and more about building a relationship with my neighbors and that I would be back. This was the first time a blind woman signed my petition, I will never forget the visual of her brown shaking hand, signing away, as I did my best to hold the clipboard and move as she did. It was a humbling experience and an inspiring lesson. I’m thankful that Bridget Hayes was true to her word and was there to witness this moment with me as we hustled together to get enough signatures for the Democratic and Independence lines. This is the first time that I’ve realized that I do not need to validate my name in court and waste precious and limited time and resources to the Justice System and Democratic Primary. As an independent Democrat running for Mayor of Newburgh, I believe in an open and inclusive government, and encourage any and all residents to reach out to me directly and see how we can work together on healing our great city! It’s time. https://www.alitmuhammad.com/meet_and_speak_with_mayoral_candidate_ali_t_muhammad_3 

Our Future Deserves Better

Grand jury: Newburgh school staff tampered with grades, altered athletes' attendance records

Anyone a part of the administration, faculty, or staff with knowledge of this scandal or participated in this corruption, needs to resign, immediately. Criminal charges may not have been founded, although the punishment for abusing our students needs to be harsher. The student-athletes who’ve been abandoned early on by their “educators”, people supposed to be teaching them morals & integrity, have lost the most in this scandal. They deserved our support then. And they surely need it now. Trust was broken and they graduated without a path to make it here... so they do whatever they must to get what they need to have. Which leads them further down the school to prison pipeline. AND FOR WHAT? Higher graduation rates & sports accolades? Our children & young folks need our support daily. They need trusts & bonds that are forged through honesty & dedication. Our future deserves better. ”Attitude reflects leadership.” #ServeDifferent #OnPurpose 



Re-Imagining Criminal and Social Justice

I advocate for Cyntoia Brown's immediate release without parole. A victim of teen sex-trafficking, Cyntoia was dealt an unnecessarily harsh sentence for self-defense from a rapist and kidnapper. What would you have done in her shoes? Her harsh sentencing and release under the condition of parole are symptoms of a broken, victim-blaming system. Not all prisoners belong there, and not all prisoners are a threat to society. I believe we can reimagine the criminal justice system with greater compassion, more humanity, and better justice.



“Brown, 30, will be released to parole supervision on August 7 after serving 15 years in prison, Gov. Bill Haslam's office said in a statement.  'This decision comes after careful consideration of what is a tragic and complex case,' Haslam said.”


Action and attitude, reflect leadership

Kevindaryán Luján well done. Glad you’re pushing this initiative forward in Orange County! I’m sure you’ll do an excellent job of making sure that the resolution OC passes is full proof and has “teeth”... It would be nice to see something proposed that allocates funds collected to a dedicated environmental education proponent that teaches the OC residents the importance of lowering their impact.

I believe policy and societal change begins and ends with education. Let’s work together on local criminal and social justice reforms next? Like, ban the box on applications and a path to promise initiative to comprehensively plan a clear path to promise for the youth in OC!?

Well done County Legislator Luján, well done. Action and attitude, reflect leadership. #bethechange


Attitude Reflects Leadership

The Dutchess County budget was passed by the majority of the County legislature, members who’ve lived and worked in Dutchess County long enough to understand its finest intricacies and biggest issues facing their constituents. I've traveled throughout New York State, not many governments or officials are as compassionate as ours, “Attitude reflects leadership”. The City of Beacon’s County Legislators no votes against this budget do not represent Beacon, they represent elected officials beholden to a political establishment. Most importantly, they do not serve the residents of Beacon well, specifically the most marginalized, the youth, and the pearls of wisdom that are our most valuable resources. #bethechange


Without Violence We Rise

While the First Step Act is being advocated for and glamorized in front of the press, media, and Congress, The Federal Government (Trump Administration post-Parkland (school shooting) panel) is aiming to roll back Obama-era school discipline policies that were implemented to protect minority students disproportionately marginalized and unfairly disciplined by their school’s administration. And you’re still buying Yeezy’s... Our elected representatives aren’t saying anything about this, we don’t vote enough to matter. So while our kids are fighting in Beacon, and killing each other in Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, we, the people, the folks living in the neighborhoods continue to perpetuate the same violent hate that has segregated us for so long. The poorer you are, the more susceptible to breaking the law you are. When you break the law you become a public safety risk. Public safety risks are detrimental to society and pending the judicial process, imprisonment can occur - imprisonments which, the United States Constitutional Amendment 13 essentially allows for the continuation of slavery in North America. But we don’t want to address the roots of the issue, our most valuable resources, the youth, the seeds to our future. Instead, we know nothing about how the government is destroying the future of so many today. Be the change.



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Trust the Process

Pressley said, “You taught me then, the best solutions come from those impacted . . . people closest to the pain should be closest to the power, driving and enforcing policy making.”




#trusttheprocess #bethechange

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