To My Supporters

To all my supporters please share and to the 221 registered Democrats whose signatures were validated in court August 8th, your support put my name on the ballot.  Your efforts shouldn't be all for naught so I remind you that winning this Primary Election on Tuesday September 12th (less than 4 weeks away), can nearly solidify our victory in the General Election, on November 7th.  Please save the date, remember to Get Out To Vote, and bring a friend or two to the polls with you!  United we stand. 


From a Write Up in the HIGHLANDS Current:

"All in the Details - Muhammad submitted a nominating petition with 298 signatures but fell short when about 80 were disallowed, including a number where voters had printed, rather than signed, their names, court records show ...Continued Reading"


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7/3 Weekly Itinerary for Community Involvement

Early on my parents taught me the importance of giving back to our community.  I feel to evolve we must be involved.  As a long time concerned citizen the positive change I've worked to actualize will be slow to occur if I don't effectively communicate with those who are also working to help achieve it. 

Below you'll find my end of the week community involvement itinerary (join in if you can):  

Wednesday 7/5/17

Beginning sharply at 11am, we restart the weekly initiative for Wednesday Inner City Cleanups: Newburgh, New York beginning on Landers Street, Newburgh, NY next to the DMV.  Open to public.

Thursday 7/6/17  5pm-630pm

We'll host our first Independent Party meeting located at Green Street Park, Beacon NY.  We will be discussing how starting a party works essentially, introducing our local slate of candidates for our Independent Ballot Line and figuring out how we can help one another.  Some light material will be distributed in order to determine what we stand for individually and collectively.  Open to public.  

Friday 7/7/17 morning

Joining the organizers and volunteers for the  “2017 Community Celebration of Summer Meals” in the City of Beacon.  This is a collaborative effort by Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Eat Smart New York Program, and other community partners.  This will be an afternoon of food, fun and friends on Friday, from 11 am to 1 pm.  It will be held at The Beacon Resource Center located at 23 West Center St., Beacon, NY.

Friday 7/7/17 afternoon

I will be meeting with Beacon residents regarding our school district, recreational infrastructure and project development.  Open to the public.  

Sunday 7/9/17:  Week 7 of the Terrence Wright Beacon Basketball League from 4:15pm - 8:30pm

We can use volunteers at the scorers table each week.  This is also open to the public and a great opportunity to get to know more members of our community.  Open to the public.

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Mental Health and Wellness Awareness: Stand With Aziz PSA

Stop the Stigma Campaign @ the Walkway Over the Hudson


Sam, I appreciate you spending some time with me and making the effort to collaborate. #unscripted #episode #one

Justice Is Coming!

Introducing the Stand With Ali Slate

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What can you tell me about the first woman to ever embrace, love and educate me? She's the best woman to ask if you ever want to learn something about who I am. #womens #history #is #american#history