Board of Education - Why I'm Running


Ali T. Muhammad


30 (this Saturday, May 5th

Why I am running for BCSD BOE (Beacon City School District Board of Education):

From the time that I graduated BHS in 2006 to the present, we’ve had over 9 District Superintendents. This specific inconsistency at the top has negatively and directly impacted our residents of Beacon. Most importantly affecting our youth. This particular volunteer elected position (BOE Member) is the perfect role as I continue to serve our public in unique capacities. I would like to understand the inner workings of our school district better, while proactively building upon the consensus of our neighbors and their efforts that are already underway to improve our substandard educational system.

What I bring to the BOE (Board of Education) if elected: 

My governmental and municipal multi-million dollar budgeting experience, historical knowledge, deep understanding of our neighbors and our ever-diversifying community are the acquired assets that I feel most confident to bring to the Board of Education policy-making table. If the voters of Beacon, New York elect me to serve them for the next three years, I will join an involved and innovative incumbent board already making positive strides forward. Daily I put into practice the quote," If you're not at the table, then you're on the menu.". I believe that representation matters. Our youth and their families deserve to have the best and most qualified folks serving them in the public sector, not solely based on demographics, more so on whom an individual is and if their purpose matches their practices. Our youth are worth it. Together we can build upon our strengths to empower and educate the next seven generations of Beaconites.





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