Commitments And Experience

Community Service:

•Demonstrated leadership through the planning, organization and implementation of a series of community events and initiatives including Unity in the Community, Mental Health Forums, Voter Registration/Education Drives, Street Meet-ups and Cleanups

• Established ongoing database of community volunteers

• Social Awareness Rally December 9th, 2014

• Founded Terrence Wright Memorial Basketball League January 2014- present

• Quarterly Community Forums: Unity in the Community September 2010- present

• Performance Artist Event Series May 2010- present

• Frequent Keynote Speaker August 2013- present

• Pop Warner Football Coach August 2010- present


City Council Member City of Beacon, Beacon, NY 01/13- Present

• First Muslim American elected official in New York State

• First African American male elected to serve on Beacon’s City Council

• Worked on preparation and passing of annual city budgets

• Actively engaged with community at large

• Focused on recreational infrastructure

• Served as community liaison for commercial and residential developers and potential homeowners, renters, and business owners


Dutchess County Community Action Board Member 01/16- Present

• Worked with a small team of community representatives on a series of initiatives to reduce poverty and identify resources and opportunities for at-risk individuals and families, including single mothers and immigrants.

Dutchess County Criminal Justice Commission 01/16- Present

• Tasked with research and development of advocacy materials and program design to reduce incarceration and recidivism in Dutchess County

Beacon Democratic Committee Member 11/10- 04/16

• Represented Democrats at large and identified priorities for municipal party platform

• Coordinated legislative outreach

Dutchess County Democratic Committee Member 11/10- 04/16

• Represented the City of Beacon on the County committee
NAACP Member 08/11- 01/13

• Participated in monthly committee meetings

• Led MLK and Pete Seeger Annual Parade

• Served on small review board and selection committee for MLK Day essay contest

Clearwater Board Member 09/13- 01/15

• Engaged and educated the next generation of environmental leaders



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