Human connections over elections

Our campaigns have never been about elections, we’ve always been focused on human connections. Immediate support is needed for our neighbors on Van Ness Street, Lutheran Street, City Terrace, and Carpenter Ave, in Newburgh, New York. Thank you Marcus and John for showing me around today and sharing your perspectives and insights. We’re grateful for the work you’re putting in daily! 


Drug addicts, dealers, and ill individuals with no help or support have been pushed to these streets. Needles and crack pipes are what children are forced to walk over and play near every day in this environment. Many landlords on these streets aren’t fixing properties and they have the nerve to demand their money on the 1st of the month, with no exemptions. All while good standing and good natured folks that have lived in Newburgh their entire lives do their best to scrape by. 


These are the issues that our neighbors are facing in the City of Newburgh. From their mouths to my ears. Humans need support. Our neighbors need support. The voices that you don’t hear, our neighbors that are unheard need our support now. Not on or after November 5th, 2019. These issues didn’t occur overnight and they won’t be fixed overnight. The only way to properly address these issues is by making real connections and working with the human beings that live right up or down the road from us. The ones that live inside the historic corners and corridors of our great city. From Broadway to South Street, near St. Lukes and Mount St. Mary’s, they are our forgotten brothers and sisters at risk of being displaced tomorrow. They need our support today. #Newburgh #Peace #Unity #InTheFeild 


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