Influence Change by Voting

Mi Gente, my people! Our civically engaged community continues to grow and I thank you for your patience, commitment, and ongoing support. In NYS we have an upcoming general election, November 6th, 2018. Polls will be open from 6 am - 9 pm. There are many races, they are all important and local. The elected officials that serve us work for us, so they need to hear from us frequently. Elections are excellent ways to have our voices heard!

I’ve always believed in voting early and often, since registering to vote in my Participation in Government class at Beacon High School in 2006. This next election is the last of 2018. Please become informed about the candidates that you can vote for. Please encourage your friends and family to inform themselves about these candidates and their positions, and most importantly the issues that affect each of you personally.

We have the influence to change the environment that we live in. Our society. Our government. We have to believe in ourselves, that our individual vote affects the change we seek within our society. That our vote is our voice. Our government isn’t going anywhere, let’s stay engaged. - Ali T. Muhammad

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