Mayor Harvey Lacks Vision for 2020 Census

It’s true, our community deserves to have a census office located in the City of Newburgh. Yes, the census bureau needs to hire local folks from our City. We ought to have elected officials that have the foresight to avoid the pitfalls of yesterday. Only 57% of our cities population participated in the census 10 years ago, which provides evidence to the disconnect and disenfranchisement that all of our taxpayers feel here. 


Mayor Harvey’s weak leadership and tools of divisiveness have perpetuated these issues. Being that the census occurs every 10 years... I am left with a few questions for our Mayor:

1. Why are we only now drawing attention and noisily trying to get an office here? 

2. Why hasn’t this been on the forefront of our cities agenda over the past 4 years since Mayor Harvey was elected to City Council?                                    

3. What is Mayor Harvey’s plan to implement the procurement of a census office? 

4. What is Mayor Harvey’s plan to ensure appropriate preparation and retention skills are provided for our neighbors to become qualified to be hired? 


“Mayor Torrance Harvey, meanwhile, said census takers should be chosen from among the community because people are afraid to provide personal information. "That some way, somehow, that’s going to backfire on that family whether it is because they receive social services, because they are impoverished, whatever,” Harvey said. “There may be people who may have a criminal record. The point is, the people in the black community don’t trust the government.” This coming from the same government official who knocked off his own constituents signatures. 


Our neighbors, regardless of their race, sex, religion, political affiliation, or tax bracket, are displeased with our government and lack of efficient services. We long for public servants who understand our issues and act on them accordingly, not for political gains or speculation. “Attitude reflects leadership”. 

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