Mayor Torrance Harvey lies about anchor institution endorsements

Men lie, women lie, and numbers are manipulated like people. In at least the past decade I’ve never heard of a local Teachers Union, endorsing a Mayoral Candidate. Now, Mayor Torrance Harvey, whose known to embellish the truth and straight out lie to and manipulate his colleagues, is promoting that he’s been endorsed by the Newburgh Teacher’s Association. He has it on his campaign literature. The only issue here is, they haven’t endorsed him!

Attitude reflects leadership and I’m calling for the honest folks living in and around the City of Newburgh to apply pressure. This man should be forced to drop out of the race and resign. God knows how else he is perpetuating a fraud! The media won’t cover this, the local journalist won’t cover this, and some won’t touch it because they think it’s negative. I strongly believe if you have to lie about who supports you and how they support you, you’re willing to lie about anything. And we deserve much more than that.

This is the epitome of our problems here in Newburgh, historically. The dark cloud of corruption and incompetence that has squandered our neighbors for far too long. For the first time in this campaign, I’m personally offended. Mayor Harvey, you cannot dance your way out of this one! Stand for something or fall for anything.


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  • Ali Muhammad
    published this page in Blog 2019-06-07 11:57:26 -0400