“Men Lie, Women Lie, and so do their numbers”

Violent crimes and gun violence continue to plague our entire community. When you google Newburgh these are the articles that continue to pop up: Police man killed, teen hurt in Newburgh shooting.

While a few of our elected officials have had the unique opportunity to educate our youth on important values and help them achieve them, the past 3 decades have demonstrated us that these “Community leaders” do not value our young folk's lives or quality of life. It makes folks like myself question their body of work as “Community leaders”, inside and outside of the classroom, entirely. 

In order to bring about change, we must change within ourselves. Our current City Officials continue to carelessly spend taxpayers dollars on technology (Spot Shooter Maintenance) to combat gun violence in a community with generational woes and traumas. This is like putting a band-aid over a 9-inch wound. Without even disinfecting it first...We’re not healing. We’re not rebuilding wholeheartedly. We’re covering up many issues that are nearest and dearest to our hearts. Continuing to kick them down the road.

Our next generations ought to have more. That’s our responsibility now because our youth and their families deserve better today.

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