Need a Tutor? We got you!

Hello, my name is Edward Lee.  I’m your new tutor!

About me

Just to let you know a little bit about myself I am a full-time tutor, with over a decade of experience, teaching from grade school level subjects up to college level sciences.    Here I am being recognized for teaching by NYS Assemblywoman Ellen Young.

I’ve always been good at math and standardized exams and that sort of thing.  In fact, I took college level math classes in middle school. But learning to communicate with and motivate others was where I saw the most value, so I majored in English in college and on the way won several writing competitions! 

After college I went into the entertainment business and performed around the world as a DJ.  My CD’s were sold internationally and funny enough, I have production credits on the album, “Sign of the Times” which was put out by the American Bible Society.

I specialize in teaching for standardized exams.  Primarily the SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE and SHSAT. I’ve got a lot of cool tricks and tips to make sure you do well on these heavily weighted exams.  But enough about me! Let’s find out about you!

After talking to Ali I was inspired to serve the Newburgh community and decided to volunteer my services to show that individuals can make a difference.  I am happy to serve my community!

Questions for student:

What kind of grades do you get?  A’s? B’s? C’s?

Have you ever had a tutor before?  If so were there things that they did with you thought were effective?  Ineffective? Let me know about it! If you liked certain things your last tutor did, we can certainly work to continue those practices.

If you are taking a standardized exam, when is your test date?

Do you have any graded work I can look at?  Have you taken any diagnostic tests? Do you have a writing sample?  I’d like to see those please!

Are there any immediate or long term concerns or goals that you would like me to be aware of?


I recommend that students have a notebook for our sessions.  Here are some of the benefits.

  1. You can take notes on certain techniques for solving problems.
  2. You can use this to record words that you have encountered that you do not understand and then add them to your vocabulary list.
  3. You can use this notebook to keep track of your assignments and use it to review what topics you have covered since the beginning of our time together.

I generally recommend that one build their vocabulary.  It is helpful for many standardized exams and has good overall utility.  I have attached a list of vocabulary words for you to look at. has a free tool for practicing word lists.  It makes It easier because it automatically creates flashcards for your review.  I recommend doing 20 cards before every meal, and upon waking and before going to bed.  Your brain is primed to learn at these times! You can easily take this list and use it to create a list on  I think they have an app too, so you can practice even when you’re out!  Champions find ways to prepare when others find only excuses!


During the year there are a variety of standardized exams that I tutor for including the SAT, ACT, ISSE, SHSAT, SSAT, ASVAB, GRE, MCAT as well as many others.  The week prior to these exams my calendar really fills up! I want to give you what you want and the best way for me to give that to you is for us to make and confirm appointments early.


My rates are $50 per session for Elementary to High School level work and $75 per hour for college level work and $100 an hour for graduate level work.


My email address is  My phone number is 347-709-3001.

Tutoring is done via skype

Use the following instructional video if necessary.

but just adding my email address should be fine.


I look forward to working with you!