Our Future Deserves Better

Grand jury: Newburgh school staff tampered with grades, altered athletes' attendance records

Anyone a part of the administration, faculty, or staff with knowledge of this scandal or participated in this corruption, needs to resign, immediately. Criminal charges may not have been founded, although the punishment for abusing our students needs to be harsher. The student-athletes who’ve been abandoned early on by their “educators”, people supposed to be teaching them morals & integrity, have lost the most in this scandal. They deserved our support then. And they surely need it now. Trust was broken and they graduated without a path to make it here... so they do whatever they must to get what they need to have. Which leads them further down the school to prison pipeline. AND FOR WHAT? Higher graduation rates & sports accolades? Our children & young folks need our support daily. They need trusts & bonds that are forged through honesty & dedication. Our future deserves better. ”Attitude reflects leadership.” #ServeDifferent #OnPurpose 



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