Our voices are stronger together, we will be heard

During a City Council work session Mayor Torrance Harvey described a peaceful protest by city fire union members as dangerous and  unprofessional. Harvey would go on to say "asking people to blow their horns, drowning out the work-session presentation about criminal justice reform and public safety, creates a clear and present danger, as well as a noise nuisance."

The only clear and present danger to our public is Mayor Harvey’s administration's negligent preparation and decision making. 

Since being elected in 2015, Harvey has pontificated about more subsidized projects while abandoning OUR community. He’s delivered NO plans at all on the record that would create commercial economic development on the waterfront and Broadway, to lift up our entire community with tax resources. Now he is attacking OUR freedom of speech! In an article published in the Mid-Hudson Times Harvey said "People have the right to express themselves with free speech until their speech becomes limited and that is in the United States Constitution, which is the supreme law of this nation."

Mr. Harvey should study the the Constitution more closely if he is going to try to lecture the public and our children on it. The principle of “clear and present danger” does not appear ANYWHERE in the Constitution. The phrase was used in a Supreme Court case, Schenck v. the US (1919), in which the Supreme Court determined the circumstances under which free speech could be curtailed. The SCOTUS ruled that free speech could be limited when it proposes and imminent danger to the public.

Mr. Harvey’s self-serving and factually inaccurate interpretation of the Supreme Law of the Land is at least irresponsible and at most dangerous. Imagine if the same argument was used to suppress the March on Washington, sit-ins and freedom rides and other forms of civil disobedience that achieved so much during the Civil Rights Movement during the 1950’s and 60’s?

Support our first responders, support our city, support our neighbors, VOTE ALI ON LINE G on November 5th! 


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