It's time to replace weak leadership...

When the City of Newburgh Council voted on this proposal in 2017, then Councilmember Harvey either knew what they were (unanimously) voting on, including the proposed parking lot. He was willing to sell out the general public for said economic development plans, or he didn’t fully read and understand what they were voting on when they voted unanimously for the blacktop parking lot across from Regal Bag. Either or, the current Mayor was on the council then, voted then, and is now dancing around the fact that the then said economic development plans have changed.

“Something was done right, that's going to be a benefit to the city; that's going to keep the city green; that's going to create a walkable city; a welcoming city; that's what the City Council supports and supported two years ago," Mayor Torrance Harvey told the Planning Board. "That's not what's before us tonight."

The parking lot location remains the same. The rest of the plans have changed. The parking lot is what our neighbors have taken issue with and this is what he voted for. Per usual Mayor, Harvey has taken no accountability for his voting record. He continues to mislead our neighbors who just aren’t in the know. His kind of “leadership” is what has historically hindered our beautiful community, and what continues to negatively affect our neighbors.

I’m not afraid of voting no, for the people. I have a voting record that proves this. When we serve as elected officials, we’re not elected to make friends, or save face. It’s our sworn obligation to positively support our neighbors.

It’s time to replace weak leadership with something different. You decide: #Peace #Unity #ForThePeople


Ali T. Muhammad is a public servant running for Mayor of Newburgh