Stand with Ali

I am Ali T. Muhammad, an Incumbent Beacon City Councilman, running for reelection.  As a Democratic Candidate for the past 3 election cycles, the citizens of Beacon have voted to elect me two out of three times.  Below is the platform that I believe best represents the values and principles that I stand for.  

  1. Bringing Beacon's neighbors together and removing barriers, which can create more sustainable opportunities for residents.
  2. Providing quality and affordable education, housing, transportation, recreations, food, water, health care and safety.
  3. Creating better paying jobs.  
  4. Fighting for economic and social kindness and vigilant against inequality.
  5. Securing social and environmental justice.  

As a Mental Wellness Warrior and "Lorax" for Recreational Infrastructure, I firmly believe and diligently work towards raising awareness and funding for these causes.  I strongly feel a focus on Mental Health, Public Safety, Education and Recreation can positively impact and improve the every day citizen's quality of life.   

Equally important yet not in the scope of City Council Members, Campaign Finance Reform and Term Limits for accountability of elected officials and voters needs to be addressed on every level of government. 


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