Staying Safe This Holiday Season

My neighbors, friends, constituents, the increased disorderly conduct and violence our community, our city, our Main Street, our people have been receiving is something that we can’t look past or kick down the road.  We have many great opportunities here and deserve to have our safety maintained and if needed, improved. My quick two cents to be more proactive individually: If you’re out about town remember nothing really positive happens outside after 12am, enjoy your night and get home safely. Keep your doors to your cars, homes and businesses locked when necessary. It’s holiday season and you may be receiving or giving lots of gifts, take your time to dispose of your boxes properly so you aren’t viewed as a target for crime. 

Our police department and city government are doing their best although any positive participation from us, the members of our collective community will only assist in creating the utopia we al believe Beacon can be.

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