The Ugly Truth

As a devout patriot, public servant, former elected and current appointed official, and most importantly an erred human being, I am deeply dismayed by the 5-4 ruling of our SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) decision to uphold President Trump’s travel ban. I believe wholeheartedly, with no influence of anyone else and without speaking for anyone else or any agency or officials that I work with, that this ruling only hurts the citizens who call the United States of America home, while continuing to baselessly ostracize our fellow human beings- albeit foreign to our county yet similar in our relation to this universe and planet. The choices our elected and appointed officials have been making for decades has led us to this point, choices politicians have made on both sides of the aisle.

“The United States has always been a nation of immigrants – a beacon for those seeking refuge from war, tyranny, oppression, and instability. We’ve aspired to govern in the spirit of the words so many have read at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty, "give me you're tired, you're poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” And we’ve all been made better for it.” - Keith Ellison

I’ve chosen the ballot over the bullet early on in life because I believe in the empowerment of people. I believe and have always imagined living in a just world, a fair and equal environment. Today at 30 years young, I feel jaded and ready to run away, or worse, fight back in ways that have never seemed to work out positively. Today, now, I still choose the ballot but I am of sound consciousness knowing that until there are real impactful changes within our systematic structures, the same cyclical woes can continue to plague our humanity. I have truly been at a loss for words and fatigued by the false actions that I’ve witnessed over the past few months, years, decades. The lives of our next seven generations depend on what we do today, every day, always. Can we do better and achieve more for one another or are we destined to repeat our innate trait to be selfish in nature and inaction?

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