Think Outside the Box, for the people

“Think outside the box, for the people.” 

If you know anything about Newburgh, New York, you know that the folks living here are some of the strongest humans ever. Some of the impactful issues facing our neighbors are high unemployment rates (4.9%), high ALICE (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed) residents (76%), and a high violent crime rate that is at its lowest in years. As important as it is to lower the tax burden by attracting folks that can help build a tax base, we must invest in our neighbors. Lifelong Newburgh residents are already being displaced and have been since 2015. 

We strongly need tax stabilization and a holistic approach to government. All of our neighbors need this support. This past weekend Chloe and I visited Ghent and Hudson New York. We shopped at a local farm store (btw Newburgh is a food desert). The Hawthorne Valley Association (non for profit) has a school and camp (Waldorf) on their campus, a biodynamic farm as well as farmer training, and housing. In all my years of organizing and serving, their concept and practice are the most holistic and socially conscious that I’ve encountered. Partnered with some of the excellent non for profits and local leaders in Newburgh, we could systemically impact our next seven generations for the good if we formed some kind of public-private partnership. 

Sometimes it just takes an outside perspective and a willingness to know there are things we do not know, to benefit our community at large. Check out their website ( and contact me if you’re interested in figuring out a way to use some of our lands for the people. #Newburgh #Hawthornevalley #Peace #Unity #BuildOurCommunity  

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