Wishing Mummy Muhammad a Very Happy Birthday

It must have been 5 to 6 years since you and my father decided to move to North Carolina and start the next chapter of your lives. Allah said this Earth is spacious and you have always understood the meaning of that. Throughout my life you have guided and empowered me to believe in the unseen, to help others and go the extra mile when pursuing the goals I wish to achieve. Thankfully I believe in our greatest humanities, for all. It’s a blessing that you were my first teacher, my first mentor, my primary reference point in terms of how to organize, plan, and create opportunities for those missing the basic necessities of life.

I have grown to admire your sacrifices. The choices you’ve made in order to protect your family and the people that you love. You’re not a legacy person, you’ve provided a perfect example of how to pass down positivity through your lineage. There’s a difference, pardon my perspective. Everything you do, in my eyes, the eyes of your child, is selfless. You’ve been “retired” for a few years now yet you continue to work more efficiently each day. Same vision, same mission, to help others along their personal paths. You do it your way and you uphold yourself with the utmost respect. As a woman. As a woman in the society that we live in today, whose grown through the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90, 00s, as a woman who took a chance on a man whose potential at one point was far greater than his tangible worth, as a woman who was the counterexample of the negative narratives that allow many people to become misinformed, still you rise.

I believe your best has come, and it hasn’t left. You continue to glow! You become greater each day. More understanding and compassionate each day. I wish we were closer in physical proximity but I appreciate the way that we stay connected through the technological advances we are able to benefit from. Your amazing. Your ability to love, is a quality that I honor most and I want you to know that all though you’ve been my biggest advocate my entire life, I’m your biggest fan.

Mummy, I love you. Inshallah, we will continue on our positive paths, as leaders by choice. Thank you, happy birthday!



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