Sexual assault and abuse is an age-old social problem. Today, 1/3 women, 1/6 men, have been sexually assaulted. 60% of victims do not report sexual assault.

Unfortunately, in our society, folks don’t see something as an issue until it affects their personal lives, these are not in my backyard people; not to my mom or sister or daughter or family people. With the best intentions to not make this about race, economics, or politics, as individuals that make up a civilization, we have to become better humans today. It’s already too late. We’re eons behind. And that’s not okay, yet we still can change. We can create a culture of no. We can provide education and engagement at a young age and throughout a person’s lifetime. This hasn’t happened though, this doesn’t happen, here, in the United States of America. Within our neighborhoods, towns, cities, and electoral districts. We as a people must each individually take the oness and responsibly and positively impact our society.

We need to believe the victims. We need to create an environment so that there are fewer victims because there are fewer assaults. Don’t let yourself be the victim, speak up for yourself. Don’t let yourself be the assailant, stay away from doubtful matters. For example, whistling, cat-calling, invading one’s personal space, it’s all undermining and disrespectful to people. Define yourself by treating others how you know you deserve to be treated.








Hurt people hurt people and that is not an excuse. We all can do better. And when we reach from within and help by giving back what we can and what we know, this collaborative effort is contagious. If we’re brave and can make a categoric change, our next seven generations will be safer.


We’ve suffered from our history enough, let us stop repeating it. “Bravery is contagious.”, let us continue to have this conversation while being vigilant and mindful throughout all of our actions.

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