While the First Step Act is being advocated for and glamorized in front of the press, media, and Congress, The Federal Government (Trump Administration post-Parkland (school shooting) panel) is aiming to roll back Obama-era school discipline policies that were implemented to protect minority students disproportionately marginalized and unfairly disciplined by their school’s administration. And you’re still buying Yeezy’s... Our elected representatives aren’t saying anything about this, we don’t vote enough to matter. So while our kids are fighting in Beacon, and killing each other in Newburgh and Poughkeepsie, we, the people, the folks living in the neighborhoods continue to perpetuate the same violent hate that has segregated us for so long. The poorer you are, the more susceptible to breaking the law you are. When you break the law you become a public safety risk. Public safety risks are detrimental to society and pending the judicial process, imprisonment can occur - imprisonments which, the United States Constitutional Amendment 13 essentially allows for the continuation of slavery in North America. But we don’t want to address the roots of the issue, our most valuable resources, the youth, the seeds to our future. Instead, we know nothing about how the government is destroying the future of so many today. Be the change.




Where:  Beahive, Beacon NY

When:  December 29 - 11AM - 1PM

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